How to tag photo opportunity board?

I see lot’s of photo opportunity board (Photo stand-in - Wikipedia) on leisure park and attraction center.
How to tag this type of element?
with leisure=playground and playground=photo_op_board or leisure=photo_op_board or tourism=atraction and attraction=photo_op_board ?

I would go for tourism=attraction as I agree to @Mateusz_Konieczny that this is definitely not a playground. But I would not use photo_op_board as the abbreviation will not be clear to everyone. I’d say it is better to use the same term like Wikipedia as this may help people to find a reasonable definition. My vote for

tourism=attraction + attraction=photo_stand_in

Maybe tourism=artwork is a little closer and more specific than “attraction”? With artwork_type=photo_stand_in or some better term if someone comes up with one?