How to map a single informal tent pitch?

Especially in the mountains, you often find informal spots suitable for pitching a tent, especially when somebody took care to built a stone wind barrier, something like this:

What is the best way to map these?



If I understand Tag:camp_site=basic - OpenStreetMap Wiki and Key:backcountry - OpenStreetMap Wiki

they should be only used together with tourism=camp_site .

The wiki also says it should only be used when itis legal to camp in such a spot, however, given my usage of OSM maps, that recommendation is in practice not heeded. I also think it goes against the verifiability principle - this is something that exists out there and the legality of its use can be specified with informal a access tags, no?

edit: capacity=1 shouldbe capacity:tents=1 I guess, Key:capacity:tents - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Does it make sense to map “somewhere where someone once informally pitched a tent” as anything at all? I would have thought not.

Yep, that all sounds good.

For a single tent pitch I would use tourism=camp_pitch rather than tourism=camp_site. The wiki suggests that a camp_pitch must be located within a camp_site, but actual usage doesn’t follow this rule. Tagging an informal backcountry camp pitch as a campsite (aka campground in American English) would misleadingly suggest it is a group of camp pitches clustered together rather than just a single one.

I’ve seen U shaped piles of rock on Scottish mountains and never thought they were tent pitches but wind shelters.

If this is one of their functions, then maybe something under amenity=shelter would work? And/or man_made=cairn

I have a followup question: There is almost a thousand backcountry=yes without tourism=camp_site, some seem to be clearly wrong, like benches in the middle of cities (people wanted to say they has a backrest or something?) or they seem to be indicating that a node is in the wilderness (like a gorge with the backcountry tag). Is it considered an ok practice to go through them one by one and where it clearly seems wrong, remove the tag (and where it is a campsite, add tourism=camp_site) even if I have never been there? Of course, if I would bein doubt, I would keep the things as they are.

They are listed here: overpass turbo

Some time ago, I mapped these campsites just with backcountry=yes and wanted to improve my old edits, but now I see it is a larger inconsistency.