How to duplicate a way in JOSM in 2023?

How can I duplicate a way in JOSM without clicking every node?

My use case: There are cycleways that also qualify to be railway=abandoned. I want to set name for the same way as cycleway and as railway independently.

There is an old thread that say to press letter ‘d’, but it does nothing.

Of course there’s the F(ollow) key, just select first node, start drawing line along the existing one and when second node set, hit the F key and hold till reaching destination. As of JOSM v 18822 the follow tracing is and remains lighting fast no matter how big the loaded data set.

(ctrl+d I’ve never used and trying, it duplicates the selected way and then centres the copy around where the selection point is. Had hoped it made a connected copy on top of the existing way with one key push… (I) need to read the bloody manual again ;O)

Edit: To create a perfect parallel way, use Shift+P. Hit that key combo, select the way wanted for a duplicated and slowly drag…a parallel is created with correction for inner and outer bends, perfect to split forests along major roads e.g.

You can use plugin of ContourMerge

It should be ctrl+d on the selected way.