How to duplicate a way in JOSM?

In JOSM you can duplicate a way, but it doesn’t put the new way in the same place. How do I duplicate it properly in the same place?

JOSM seems to put the new way in the center of the visible screen. So you have to do a “zoom to selection” in the view menu, and then choose duplicate way … does it work?

select the way,move cursor (keep way selected (red), press d and you have a Duplicate. thats all.

“D” is for “Delete” :wink:
If you mean Ctrl+D, this will duplicate the selection at the cursor position, not at the same place as the selection.

@NE2: Just for curiosity, why would you need such a functionality?

small d

and to answer your question to ne2:

e.g. a way may be a building. need 20 of them with the same shape. just duplicate. ok?

That was not the original question:

Appears there’s a bug here - see the evolution :slight_smile:

Anyway, the purpose is when someone has merged highway and boundary ways and they need to be split. See and previous posts for why boundaries, when they start off with decent precision, should not be tied to roads.

sorry for resurrecting this thread, but i was looking for the same when i discovered it and would like to document my solution for the original problem that i was planing to solve with the duplication of the way: the tedious creation of duplicate ways for use in areas (where it makes sense). to do that one has often to create a way with some of the exact same nodes as an existing way and some additional nodes. think of a forest with a complex border that is mapped already and you want to map the meadow beside it. thanks to IRC i discovered which is very well suited for this kind of problem.

I wanted to do this because the same building has two levels, each with a different store. stefanct helped me realize that I could use the same nodes, but a different way. In JOSM, you can do this by clicking ‘Draw nodes’, then just clicking each node in the pre-existing way in clockwise order (or counter-clockwise, doesn’t really matter unless it’s a road or something).