How can I start a poll?

I’ve learnt elsewhere that it is extremely easy to start a vote in this forum. Not easy enough for me. I can’t figure out how to do that. Can somebody help me?


For me is the third option after clicking the gear icon.



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I clicked through to the website from the notification I received to see if the “Can somebody help me?” question was followed by

  • Yes
  • No

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  • Thank you.
  • That was helpful.

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How can I see who voted for what?

See say Is it a drinking fountain or not?

You need to explicitly enable some flag in the poll settings when you start a new poll.

  • Test 1
  • Test 2

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Ah, you need to press another cog icon.

  • aaa
  • bbb

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And if you try editing existing poll you get “You cannot change a poll after the first 5 minutes.”