Is it a drinking fountain or not?

CC-BY-SA-4.0 by Dieterdreist

CC-BY-SA-4.0 by Dieterdreist

Is it a drinking fountain or not?

  • Yes, it is a drinking fountain
  • No, it is not a drinking fountain
  • I have no idea

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I intend it as a nonbinding test poll to explore how “drinking fountain” is understood among OSM mappers, as part of preparing Proposed features/Deprecate man made=drinking fountain - OpenStreetMap Wiki .

EDIT: individual votes are not shown to general public, kind of by accident - How can I start a poll? - #6 by Mateusz_Konieczny

What is your specific question here? Are you asking if someone would map it explicit with man_made=drinking_fountain or tag it as a generic “drinking fountain” (with drinking_water=yes)?
I mean it’s obviously not signed drinking water and in my understanding it’s a man_made=water_tap because there is a valve to be activated by the user.

Depending on the country where the objects are located, it could then be at least drinking_water=yes. Example Switzerland or Germany, where all public water points are drinking water by law, if there is no sign to the contrary.

Should that be the case, one could also tag it as amenity=drinking_water with fountain=drinking. However, for me the faucet on the second picture with the 1/2 inch (21mm) thread definitely speaks for a water_tap.


Usually these were intended, and even being used for drinking water in the past, but may not serve such usage currently, usually because the water supply is cut or it’s in so bad condition no ones wants to use it. Difficulty to define if it’s currently used, unless you try and see if it works, and is drinkable, I guess. Unless of course there’s somehow an official announcement that this specific faucet (don’t know the proper English term for those) isn’t usable anymore.

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I am not asking how people would tag it, I am asking whether they would consider it as “drinking fountain”

Which ideally would match tagging situation as far as man_made=drinking_fountain fountain=drinking and so on is considered.

If people are unified in opinion that it is not a “drinking fountain” then fountain=drinking is a bit suboptimal.

In the US these are known as water spigots whether they provide drinkable or non-drinkable water.

Alright, then my answer would be: If by law it is always drinking water at public water points when nothing is signposted, then it is a “drinking fountain” in both pictures. If not, then not. :slight_smile:

Whether it is drinkable or not depends here from my point of view exclusively on the country of placement.

Mateusz_Konieczny Polska moderator
October 15

CC-BY-SA-4.0 by Dieterdreist

I am the author of both pictures and can provide additional background: the first one is in a school garden and the only purpose is that pupils can drink.
The same fountain type is also deployed in other locations in the city, purpose is again providing drinking water “on-the-go”, maybe it is 1920ies

The second picture is along the access road of a lake shore and is also intended for providing drinking water. This is a common type of drinking fountain in Italy.

As the style of drinking fountains varies across the world, it is almost pointless to ask such a question in a global context where people are not familiar with the context. OpenStreetMap emphasizes local knowledge and as a local I can confirm both are considered drinking fountains in central Italy.

Cheers Martin

ny drinking fountain

how to drink


well, that is my main point: tagging function of this structures is useful (amenity=drinking_water), tagging some well specified detail is useful, but trying to tag them as “water fountains” will not work well.

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works for me

btw., here are some drinking fountains I found today, I also saw many people drinking from them

just a metal tube coming out of the retaining wall at the market in Trastevere, which is a modern urban site (what I intend to say, it is the interpretation of a contemporary architect of the classic nasone, although I would not tag it as such because it has arrived too far from the departure).

this one actually qualifies for amenity=fountain I think, the purpose is also drinking. Had to wait quite a bit for the photo because there was a guy who had stopped his car and was filling several bottles

this one also, although it is almost impossible to drink without a glass, you’ll have to use your hands. This one is a utility I think, but is quite old, the upper one is decorative (maybe commemorative as well?)

What would appear to be a rather simple subject in glancing over the wiki I seem more confused than ever. But in the pictures you give, when looking at the physical water tap (plumbing fixture), I don’t see why is is necessary to have man_made=drinking_fountain, when the combination tagging of man_made=water_tap and amenity=drinking_water seems more intuituve. I’m not sure if this is a strict principle on OSM, but there shouldn’t be two values of the same key which have nearly identical meaning.


Actually I don’t use man_made=drinking_fountain at all, what I use is the fountain key.
In none of the pictures I posted there is a tap, the water is just running 24/7

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Actually me neither.

Me too.

That’s the same as @dieterdreist showed but in Vienna, Austria. Public available drinking water (with a kind of a tap) and I think something for dogs on the ground.

Image is from myself, will maybe upload it to Wikimedia these days.

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Hier weiteres Bild eines Brunnens der Trinkwasser liefert. Gefunden in Tschechien:

Es funktioniert indem der federbelastete Hebel betätigt wird, schließen funktioniert dadurch automatisch. Mechanisch sehr robuste Konstruktion.

Das Bild kann gerne weiterverwendet werden.

In Slowenien werden die meisten solcher Anlagen ebenfalls als als amenity=drinking_water eingetragen, hier würde man_made=water_tab + drinking_water=yes ebenfalls passen.
Das Bild ist ebenfalls von mir und kann gerne weiterverwendet werden.

Das Bild ist ebenfalls von mir und kann gerne weiterverwendet werden.

die Bilder kann man auch direkt in OpenStreetMap taggen mit image oder wikimedia_commons

Sorry @dieterdreist , I was looking at the images in the original post but I agree if the flow of water is continuous it is a fountain.

I still don’t think man_made=drinking_fountain is distinct enough or clearly defined and cannot be described by using man_made=water_tap or fountain=*

The intro to the wiki page on osm wiki is almost directly a copy and paste from the Wikipedia page. While not a bad practice, the user is reading the OSM wiki for a terse description of how the tag should be used in the context of OSM.

wieviel Wasser kommt da raus? Wenn es ein dicker Strahl ist kann man wirklich nur Behälter füllen oder sich komplett nass machen, dann würde ich es nicht als Trinkbrunnen taggen. amenity=drinking_water und man_made=water_tap passt aber schon

Na ja es läuft schon etwas mehr Wasser heraus, aus den Händen trinken klappte aber ganz gut.

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