Horrors are written on the maps of Russia

Horrors are written on the maps of Russia

We are aware of the vandalism and working to resolve it. Please be patient.

Update: a good summary here: OpenStreetMap атакуют


Just for the curious reader an addition: “Russia related vandalism” is going on in several way, ranging from simple lang:ru removing vandalism up to various changes around Ukraine and Russia. I believe the murderators are busy detecting, reverting and filtering these as they happen.

You may also see already reverted vandalism, see Browser cache - OpenStreetMap Wiki for how you may request fresh tiles.

If it is still present you can give link to affected location, maybe something remains.



As a data user, I’m thinking about reverting my rendering database to a previous version and stop updating for a little while.
What would be a reasonably clean planet? Beginning of August?

@grin, use of the term “murderators” (I assume that means “murderers”) is inappropriate unless someone has been convicted in a court of law of murder. Please refrain from such terminology in the OSM space. All are aware of the alleged atrocities but until they are proven judicially, reference in the OSM space to any alleged atrocities in the current war is unacceptable. It is also not relevant to mapping.

I chose not to hide or delete your post after it was flagged, but respectfully ask you to self-moderate your vocabulary.

Allan Mustard



A quick scan through recent DWG reports doesn’t find anything in this wave of vandalism that hasn’t been reverted yet**. That may change overnight, given the time zone that this vandal operates from, but I’d expect the OSM data to be cleaned up after that. Tiles in the CDN, or data from third-parties, may of course still have problems.

** if I’ve missed anything, let us know.

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(Just a sidenote: this term has been used since FidoNet times about 1992. It does not mean [and have no relation to] “murderers”, it meant the kind of moderator with firm hands and fearless bans, and most often used jokingly. But given this actual topic it is just understandable how people can misinterpret it, even if it completely contradicts its context and the post it’s used in.)


OK, thanks for the clarification. I had a more than full-time job for the decade of the 90s and never encountered this term either then or subsequently, so thanks for expanding my vocabulary.


Vandalism remained everywhere. Moscow, Sochi, as I understand the whole of Russia. It says anything(

Can you link example object or at least location? I checked random location and looking at say Way History: ‪Дворец детского спорта‬ (‪37786979‬) | OpenStreetMap it seems reverted. The same for Node History: ‪Стомотология‬ (‪1215279473‬) | OpenStreetMap

Using RU:Кэш браузера - OpenStreetMap Wiki may be helpful to look at current data

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Way History: ‪Дворец детского спорта‬ (‪37786979‬) | OpenStreetMap is fixed (unless name=Дворец детского спорта is a slur? Google translate gives “Children’s Sports Palace”).

Park name was clearly vandalised: but only in tile cache and went away after clearing browser cache ( Browser cache - OpenStreetMap Wiki )

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Vandalism started on 2023-08-20T20:28:32Z.

Can I fix it myself somehow ?

@JaM_IL: that vandalism at this bridge had been reverted already. At the moment the data has the right name again (see history of all the vandalism and reverts here: https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/1790163/history ). But as this is a relation and relation changes may not trigger a rerendering, it sometimes takes some time to see the clean state again on all zoom levels on the map.


I had the same problem with yesterdays data (fetching the daily diff) but todays daily diff looks much better as NorthCrab, mappinglander, romanvr, luisforte, the DWG and many others did a great job in reverting all those vandalism. Todays daily diff is not 100% vandalism free, e.g. this one was catched in the last hour: Way History: ‪Белая улица‬ (‪1201755140‬) | OpenStreetMap but I don’t see the mass problems as they occurred in yesterdays daily diff. I don’t know about the current weekly planet file though as that one should have ~ mondays state of data…

Can you at least reveal any plans?

Now the vandalism has started again and accounts are not blocked yet.

In almost a week we still don’t have a tool to ban these accounts automatically?

We haven’t been able to restrict registrations for a week now?

Vandalised edits have already infiltrated not only the tiles, but also Nominatim and routers. This already discourages many people from using and editing OSM.

upd: It might be worth having the discussion here How about limit new accounts? - #115 by TrickyFoxy


That is the key issue, I think. Blocking users after they have registered is always going to miss some destructive edits. If we can identify problem signups as they occur (and although I’m not party to that data, from what I’ve heard, that is the case here) then it massively slows down the ability of a vandal to vandalise.

Right now the vandalism bots are firing again. No fun.
Esp. not for DWG. Would be lovely to have a “no new signups for 12hours” function for the DWG.

Here are some of those vandals works:




and some more accounts I already reported.