Guided mapping/import of

Hi everyone, has clearly indicated that they want to integrate their data into OSM.

Their license is CC-BY, I [asked them] to clarify how they see the attribution requirement.

I’m proposing to create a maproulette challenge for their ~27.000 benches in order to review them one by one. Some of the data is pretty old (>5 year), so these benches might not exist anymore. Then, I will modify to show those benches, so that they can be imported or closed with a few taps.

I didn’t have time yet to dive into the details, I’ll post more technical details when I’ve had some more time.



What data, exactly? Just the locations and the inscriptions, or also the pictures?

The locations and inscriptions are public record I think, I guess a mention on the contributors page after explicit permission will be sufficient, but the photos are not owned by openbenches. Wouldn’t a CC-BY license require explicit on-screen attribution to the author of the work, that is the person who took the photo? Assuming that openbenches has the right to further distribute the ‘works’.


I’ve also forwarded the PDF to the OSMF and uploaded it to the wiki, so this hurdle has been taken.

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In the first place, locations of benches and inscriptions will be added. I’m not sure yet about the pictures, still to figure this out.


For images in OpenBenches just add the openbenches:id tag to the OSM element so that anyone can view the images directly on the project site.

I am an active contributor to Open Plaques, a project similar to OpenBenches. Like OpenBenches, Open Plaques has an openplaques:id tag that allows you to view the plaque images on the project website.

I usually use two tags, wikimedia_commons and openplaques:id. This way, people who want to view images can choose where they want to view them, either on Commons or on the project site.