Generalized tagging for fermented liquor producers (other than beer & wine)

(Please note that I mean ‘liquor’ here is any alcoholic drink, not restricted to distilled one. Also, I will focus on craft=* tagging, although we can talk similarly on industrial-scale liquor production)

We have craft=brewery for beer, craft=winery for wine, and craft=distillery for distilled liquors including whisky, gin, rum, etc. But how about other fermented liquors?

I have found a thread for cider, but they made no consensus (craft=cider, cidery, cider_brewer, & cider_maker, with one suggestion of product=cider on breweries).
Also I have found a wiki article for UK mapping, proposing craft=* for several kinds of fermented liquors (craft=cider for cider, craft=perry for perry, etc.).

So how about toddy, pulque, kvas, chicha, and (yes, my interest is) sake?
We indeed have the freedom of tagging craft=sake for sake producers (OSM has 24 such POIs, although statistics say >1000 sake producers in Japan); however, we cannot expect data users to cover such a wide variety of craft=* tags for liquor producers.
Drinking local craft liquor is one of the popular tourist attractions so I believe OSM data users have a demand for treating liquor producers in predictable ways.
Clearly, we need a generalized tagging scheme for fermented liquor producers (like craft=distillery + product=* for distilled liquors).

One possible option is to make craft=brewery generalized. Although ‘brewery’ in everyday English means a beer-producing establishment, we can ‘brew’ a wide variety of drinks including tea and coffee. In fact, OSM already have >9000 craft=brewery with >1000 product=beer, dozens of product=cider, 4 product=mead, 3 product=kombucha, and 2 product=sake.

Another option is to introduce new craft=* tagging for generalized liquor producers. The problem for me is the choice of words.

Do you have any idea?

‘brewery’ is inalienable from the association of beer so declaring it as ‘general’ for anything brewed would not be my choice. The word ‘stokery’ popped up in me head, though that is fire associate. There’s fermentary as an existing word associated with the creating of special drinks.


Thanks for the quick response.
brewery: That’s what I want to ask for the community, welcoming more opinions.
fermentary: I feel this is too broad, applicable to anything fermented, especially establishments producing fermented foods (like cacao, kimchi, miso, etc.). It would be better to choose words associated to alcholic drinks, in my opinion.

How are these things tagged currently?

I’d go for one more “duck tagging” as beer/wine are both fermented, so using brewery as a base will blur the meaning it has now… I was told that sake is not a wine (many call it that) but in fact a beer. I am all in favour of generalisation, but this is not up to the mappers.

as far as I know, sake producers are tagged with:

  • 26 craft=sake
  • 22 industrial=sake_brewery
  • 4(+28) craft=brewery (Japan, 2 US, UK)
  • 3 man_made=works + product=sake
  • 2 industrial=sake
  • 2 shop=alcohol (Japan & US, craft producer)
  • 2 craft=brewery + product=sake (US)
  • 2 craft=brewery + brewery=sake
  • 1 craft=brewery + alcohol=sake
  • 1 craft=sake_brewery
  • 1 shop=sake (craft producer)
  • 1 amenity=pub + microbrewery=yes + drink:sake =yes (US)
  • 1 amenity=pub + microbrewery=yes (UK)
  • 1 amenity=pub + craft=brewery + brewery:product=sake (US)
  • 1 industrial=factory (Taiwan)
  • 1 landuse=commercial (US)
  • 1 tourism=attraction

note: (+28) indicates that there are 28 POIs with craft=brewery and name~/酒造/ which means liquor producer, but I cannot say they produce sake.

For toddy, there are >100 POIs with name=“Toddy Shop” in Kerala, India. I guess some (perhaps most) of them are “micro-breweries,” although they are variably tagged with shop=beverages, shop=alcohol, shop=wine, shop=yes, amenity=bar, amenity=pub, etc. In addition, there are 4 with shop=toddy and 2 with shop=toddy_shop

For pulque, there is a POI tagged with shop=alcohol + alcohol=pulque, but I don’t know whether shop, bar, “micro-brewery” or craft producer.

For kvas, 1 with craft=brewery + industrial=brewery + product=beer;kvas, and 1 with industrial=brewery + product=beer;kvass

For chicha, there are 34 POIs with shop=beverages + description=chicha

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craft=alcohol. Or something like that. Don’t use the word “brewery” for something that isn’t a brewery.

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If Sake International call it a brewery then…

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