General talk category

Category name

General talk

Is this top-level category or a subcategory?

Top-level. Since it’s not part of other theme due its general nature.

Description of it’s purpose and which open mapping groups will serve

General discussion about OSM that don’t fall under any other category. For help and support questions please check #help-and-support

This will serve everyone, as a global space for general conversations about OSM. This will also allow to have a space where low traffic themes can be posted/discussed, tags can be used to organize topics and high volume tags can help identify the need for separate categories.

Why this new category is needed instead of being hosted as part of the existing ones?

There is no other space currently in these forums for these type of conversations. Right now general OSM conversations are being posted under #communities

Is this a new space or it’s already existing in other platform(s)? Where?

General conversations are currently happening in various spaces, osm-talk mailing list as well as the old forums.

What the current volume of messages in the former platform (per week/per month)

50+ per month.

Is there a transition plan for the old platform to this new one? (please link or describe)

No, this is just for having a general space in these forums and it’s not connected to any plans to transition from other platforms.

(Optional) A link or list of the category specific guidelines

OSM Etiquette Guidelines

List the usernames of the category moderators

Initially the @forums-governance team can help moderate this space, as well the rest of the forum @admins. Ideally active contributors over time should opt-in to support the moderation activities.


The @forums-governance reviewed this request and approved it.

The category is now live at #general