Forums governance team meeting - 2022-06-02

The last @forums-governance team meeting took place on 2022-06-01T22:00:00Z.

Attendees: @Tordanik @nukeador

Topics discussed

  • Challenges with this group meetings
  • Forums migration next steps
  • Plugin installation for the Help category
  • Moderation selection criteria
  • Downvoting pilot


Challenges with this group meetings

We will re-evaluate our meeting schedule, since we have struggled to get the full group attending during the past month.

Forums migration next steps

The current migration testing is taking longer than expected, and the people involved have been too busy in the past month. In order to unblock the situation, a decision has been taken to open new category requests (#site-feedback:new-category-requests) to every community now and merge them with the migrated ones once the migration can be finished.

We will provide an update with a new estimated timeline for the migration once we get clarity about its status.

Plugin installation for the Help category

This is still pending, we have requested the question-answer-plugin installation to cover the requests on getting replies ordered by votes.

Moderation selection criteria

We are still working on a proposal that we want to get reviewed before sharing widely for feedback.

Downvoting pilot

We decided to wait until the forum on-boards more communities to kick-start a pilot enabling downvoting to be able to have enough volume and diverse data to form an opinion.

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