Forums governance team meeting - 2022-04-01

Hi all,

I would like to share that we will be having our first @forums-governance team meeting this week to go trough the launch of the forums and review the feedback on some open proposals.

Everyone can attend. Meeting notes will be posted here afterwards.

:calendar: When: Friday, April 1, 2022 4:00 PMFriday, April 1, 2022 5:00 PM
:round_pushpin: Where: OSM Video

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:open_book: Agenda

:grey_question: Are there other topics you think we need to tackle during this meeting?


As discussed in the meeting, I know of the following existing guidelines in the current forum:

General guideline posted by the Admin oft the forum in 2007. Not quite sure whether it was duplicated in other places.

There is one guideline from a legal perspective

This is the current rules for the German forum, evolved from the Lambertus’ post

A summary of the meeting will be posted here in the coming days, as well as details on the decisions taken and the thinking behind them. Sorry for the delay.

Hello everyone,

During last Friday’s meeting the @forums-governance team met to talk about some open discussions and next steps for these forums.

Attendees: @_ᚐᚋᚐᚅᚇᚐ_️ @cquest @woodpeck @Nop @Firefishy @nukeador @Tordanik

Topics discussed

  • Soft-launch reactions
  • New categories process and initial categories
  • Language and location based content
  • Migration from the old forums
  • Etiquette Guidelines questions

Not discussed (due lack of time)

  • Help OSM transition plan
  • Governance and accountability model


Migration from the old forums

It was decided that migration of old content from the forums will be tried, @Firefishy and @cquest will work together testing and see if it works as expected with no major issues. Progress about this will be communicated.

Why? It was understood that it’s technically possible and there are people to support it, there were no major technical concerns. This is an option that solves the problems and needs expressed by existing forums users and communities.

Language and location based content

Since old forum spaces will be moved over here, country-based categories will exist. The Discourse Translation Plugin will be tested. Communities will be able to request language-based categories afterwards if that’s something people want.

Why? It was clear that people need to feel at home when coming from old platforms and country-based organization is what’s currently being used. It’s also important to provide room for communities to organize by language if that’s their desire and test new way for multi-language participation using machine translation technologies.

New categories process and initial categories

Communities and people will be able to request categories following the current proposal but it will be evaluated if the requirement of 3 mods per category is too much for small communities.

Why? Having an organic growth based on what the community needs seems reasonable, learnings and improvements to the process will come as a result of its use.

Etiquette Guidelines

For the categories resulting from the old forums migration, they will maintain the old forums guidelines, communities will be able to change them or use the OSM Etiquette Guidelines as described in the current approved process.

Why? The migration to a new tool is a challenging process and it’s important that users coming from old tools feel at home, there is no intention to disrupt the existing guidelines but offer the choice to improve them afterwards or use the new OSM ones.


Draft minutes of the meeting are available on the OSMF website, thanks to @Doro8ea for compiling them!