Fake map editing for your own benefit


I think that not only Polish users of the Open Street Map should become familiar with it.

Are there Niantic game players living outside of Poland who have seen a similar situation with local players and use OSM?


Here is the link to the Wayfarer forum, you can follow the post if you are interested and you think it goes to you (or should be)

Hi @Damian_Belinski

I’m confused by the title of this topic, can you edit it to be a bit more descriptive of the topic you are referring to? This will help people find it and understand the context.



It’s not 100% clear, but I think it’s referring to https://openstreetmap.org.pl/statement-on-pokemon-go-ingress-vandalism-in-poland/. That statement is unsigned, so we have no idea who made it, except that it is someone who has access to https://openstreetmap.org.pl. That person might by an OSM moderator, as at least one https://www.openstreetmap.org/ site moderator is from Poland (see here - DWG members are osm.org moderators).

I’m a member of OSM’s Data Working Group, and am aware that some of the Niantic account names mentioned in that openstreetmap.org.pl post have crossed the path of the DWG in the past as OSM account names, including on tickets that I have dealt with, but I’m not aware of an active DWG ticket for this issue right now. I did not make the statement that has appeared at openstreetmap.org.pl and if asked would have given slightly different advice.

Maybe someone associated with openstreetmap.org.pl can update it with more details about who made it and in what capacity they were acting?
Edit: and of course edit this forum thread title to be less confusing too!
Edit2: a forum moderator has now editing the forum thread title - thanks for that!


Hi, and sorry for the confusion. This user has received blocks from me and woodpeck before I knew what was the motivation behind edit wars. As you can see he was quite prolific in creating sock-puppets over the course of several months.
Then a few weeks ago Niantic Wayfarer users started to reach out to Polish OSM community via various channels (including PMs to OSM Poland FB page, e-mailing OSM Poland association board) and the puzzle has come together. I created this statement as an ad-hoc measure just because one of these people would not let go. If you think I should change this statement, I will appreciate any feedback. After all, this was quite ad-hoc.


I am a board member of OpensStreetMap Poland, as well as Rico. The case is known to us. Before taking steps in this matter we analyzed together edits and changes that were reported to us. The user who made them was observed for a long time because of not very logical mapping. Contact from Ingres community only confirmed our suspicions.

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