Edit count on threads

Question please about the number of edits icon showing at the top of a thread.

I created Category for RFC / Proposals

At the top of the thread, the “Edit” pencil is showing in orange (red?) with “2” beside it (Maybe only visible to me?).

What does that mean, thanks?

I don’t think I edited my original post at all?

The post is showing that it received 2 x :+1:, - would that do anything?

When I click on the edit pencil, it shows that nukeador did something - possibly moved it from “General” to “Issues & Requests”, but why 2 x edits?

It’s not a problem of any sort, I’m just curious about it, thanks!

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Interestingly, when I look at it I see “1” not “2”. When I click on it I see the edit made - a move from https://community.openstreetmap.org/c/general/38 to https://community.openstreetmap.org/c/site-feedback/issues/36 by an admin. Maybe if you click on “2” you’ll see something else?

& when I’ve just looked at my original post by the attached link, it now also shows me 1 not 2?

This site appears to be random enough at times that I entirely believe you :smile:

There are some rough edges, indeed. However, I think all of them are minor, “recoverable,” and seem to be being brought to the attention of the administrators at a pace that doesn’t seem to overwhelm them, despite there remaining some “minor, recoverable…” problems.

I give rather high marks to the teams behind this forum, despite some rough edges. I’ll say solid-A or A-, (not quite an A+) if I were a professor of Discourse 3.0 for OSM (which I am not). And that is respectable, so I have respect. It’s a remarkable achievement and seems to be “growing on us” as a worldwide project: good for us.

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I only see 1 edit, which was my move of category

Maybe you see two because you added a tag after publishing or something like that?

Thanks Ruben.

I don’t remember doing so, & as I mentioned ^, it’s now only showing as 1 edit?

Ah well, one of life’s mysteries! :crazy_face: