Category for RFC / Proposals

As [RFC] Feature Proposal - Announce proposals on the community forum has now been approved, should we now set up a separate category for them to be mentioned in?


That would be nice. You have to find 2 to 3 moderators for this sub community. Then you can request it

Where are these proposal being posted right now? #general:tagging?

I would suggest to start with a tag inside that category and see if the volume is high enough to require a separate category.

Tags have their own page and people can subscribe to them.

this is not about posting proposals (they are posted in the OSM wiki), it is about formal announcements for such proposals, like RFC and voting start. These are posted on the tagging mailing list. Having to send another copy here is a new requirement, because someone made a vote with the tag proposal process to add more formal requirements to the process.

Then maybe the #general:tagging category is the best place for that copy, with a specific tag that can be applied to other similar topics.

There is no need for a new category at this time. The approved proposal specifies that RFC and voting announcements will be posted to #general:tagging and tagged #wiki-proposal. RFC topics will be titled starting with "[RFC] Feature Proposal - " and tagged #rfc. Vote announcements will be titled starting with "[Voting] Feature Proposal - " and tagged #vote. This naming and tagging scheme should work well enough for now. If that number of announcements becomes too much in the future, a separate category can be considered at that point.