Does the order a side_stream is placed in a waterway relation matter?

Hi all,
I searched on this and didn’t find anything. When adding a side stream to a waterway relation for a river, does the order matter? Everything I’ve tried seems to break the continuity even though the start and end nodes of the side stream are connected to the main stream.

If order doesn’t matter, is there a best practice?

I had to split the main stream at these nodes because the side stream is actually also an administrative boundary.

Thanks in advance.


Added a few stream and river sidestreams but the qualification ‘role’ only set in the rivsr/stream relation. Did not break the flow map as shown in Amanda’s waterway map. Do use the sort function in the JOSM relation editor but if that has influence i do not know.
See `osm-river-basins`: Website to show how are rivers in OSM connected

edit: No river/stream main splitting, the side-stream just bolted on as river/stream where the diversion starts/ends and added to the relation, where named.

waterways part of boundaries… very often yes, can’t care sorting those but think it will only count in the relations, not the mapping itself.

I have worked with lot of highway relations. But I assume they are treated in the same way as waterways.

And if so, the order of way segments in the relation editor doesn’t matter. But it’s easier to see if any segment is missing, if they are sorted. Highways often splits (because there is a physical separation between the carriageways), and then sometimes, the order of segments gets confusing, after using the sort function.

To see if all segments are included in highway relation, you can try to double click on the relation in the relations window. Then the relation segments are highlighted in the map, and it’s easy to see if any segment is missing.