Disable Google Streetview embedding

I don‘t know how the StreetView embeddings on posts like this one are done, but the feature should be deactivated. Many people don‘t want to use Google services and OSM shouldn’t be a place where they are embedded without consent.


I didn’t know it would show the embedded view when I pasted the link, but I was pleasantly surprised that it did. Please leave this feature turned on!

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I dislike automatically expanding tracking google links too. I think Discourse does that automatically with all links which are pasted on line by itself; I’m not sure if it could be disabled pre-domain-level for low-privacy actors like google, facebook and their ilk.

That’s why I run uBlock origin to block all content trying to come to my browser from them (so I had to expend extra effort to even see what you were talking about @Discostu36).

Nuke 'em from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure…


Yeah, if you feel strongly about not connecting to Google servers, please just block it in your own browser; don’t inconvenience everyone else.

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It is not possible to block anything in Firefox for iOS. I am also baffled that you give my personal data to Google without my consent and then tell me that I didn’t fight hard enough against it.

I run uBlock Origin on Firefox for Android. Blame Apple for not allowing real Firefox on iOS.

How about putting a single space character in front of the link to turn off the auto preview in Discourse?

The problem is that connecting to sites / services in the USA or run by US entities without consent from the user is literally breaking the law in a number of countries, so we’re going to need a solution one way or the other that doesn’t depend on the poster actively doing something.