Paving stones with memorials on them

Here’s an example:

I found an undocumented tag with 61 uses memorial=pavement_plaque and put it on the node:

And then added it to the wiki:

But someone emailed to say they think it should instead be memorial=plaque combined with support=ground. What do you think?


A commemorative plaque on the ground, if it is a plaque and not other type of memorial, should be tagged as historic=memorial + memorial=plaque.

A paving stone is not a plaque, so historic=memorial + memorial=paving_stone (or something equivalent for a good English speaker) is OK for me.

Some objects used as support for memorials are very rare. It is not necessary to modify the wiki documentation to include all possible values (it wouldn’t be useful). Taginfo is a better tool to know other values in use.

A traffic light memorial to Chiquito de la Calzada in Malaga, Spain. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

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It seems similar to (but clearly not a) Stolperstein


pavement_plaque or pavement plaque are used for these in taginfo already. Examples:


These look like metal:

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