Crosspost: [Voting] Deprecate maxspeed:seasonal:winter

Cross-posting [Voting] Deprecate maxspeed:seasonal:winter
as the key maxspeed:seasonal:winter has primarily been used in Finland.

Voting has started on the proposal to deprecate maxspeed:seasonal:winter.

Please vote on the wiki page Proposal:Deprecate maxspeed:seasonal:winter - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Please share this to other places that the Finnish community communicates.

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Please note that the vote is as I can see it for merging the functionality into the existing “maxspeed:conditional” key.

In the voting section there was some comment considering the possibility to use date ranges instead, but after digging a bit I felt that it might not be a good solution:

So in my personal opinion it would be ideal if the information on switching dates were available as open data. Then routing software finding the @winter syntax could use country-specific open data sources to show the correct speed limits.