[Voting] Deprecate maxspeed:seasonal:winter

Voting has started on the proposal to deprecate maxspeed:seasonal:winter.

Please vote on the wiki page Proposal:Deprecate maxspeed:seasonal:winter - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Please, cross post this announcement on the tagging mailing list on my behalf by sending an email to: tagging@openstreetmap.org

It is really strange to me that a key/tag which has 3700 uses in Finland, still being used in Finland per the chronology graph, and barely a dozen uses in the rest of the world, is getting a ‘global’ deprecation vote pushed by an account created late May 2023 with zero mapping record. How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap ?.

Does the Finnish community know? (I’ve asked that before)


I have mapped a significant amount with another account, but am using this account as it has the same name as my Github account. I am in the process of implementing a speed limit overlay for StreetComplete, so need to consider all speed limit tagging in all countries. Many applications using speed limit data are global in nature, so having a global consensus makes sense, rather than having different keys in each country.

I have cross-posted to the Finish forum.


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