Call for Volunteers and Campaigners: Help us grow and diversify OSMF membership

Hi everyone! Thank you so so much for volunteering for the OSMF Membership Drive! I have drafted the Plan[1] in case you want to read it in advance, but don’t worry if you cannot as we will discuss it later in the meetup. So excited to see you!

[1] OSMF Membership Drive 2024 - HackMD

Sharing our group photo for the Volunteers meetup today!
More updates in the next few days!

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How do i join @arnalielsewhere

send me a message in slack / whatsapp! :slight_smile:

created a new thread to provide updates and space for feedback: UPDATES: OSMF Membership Drive Campaign 2024

Please use this from now on :slight_smile:

2nd Volunteers meetup this sat, 17 Feb at 09:00 UTC. Everyone welcome to join!

Interested to join.

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We will have the campaign launch in 12 March!

Join us for the March Volunteers Meetup this Saturday, 9 March if you want to help out! OSMF Membership Drive - March Volunteers Meetup | OpenStreetMap Calendar

See you!

Hello Dear Friend’s, i am interested to join you.

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Hi @arnalielsewhere,

Is there any way to translate pubmat to Portuguese (Brazil)? Where can I access them?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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hi @matheusgomesms ! Thank you for your interest to help out!!

This is a doc where all editable canva links can be accessed (no canva sign in needed): Canva Links to OSMF Posters/Pubmats etc. - Google Docs cc @Eka_Diweti thanks for preparing this!

@Cyberjuan just made on in spanish would be great to have it in portuguese too :slight_smile:

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I have used this campaign in Colombia to contact each of the possible members directly (not via groups, nor social networks posts), and I think it has had a good effect.

First, I check the list of current mappers in Colombia from ResultMaps: OSMstats - Statistics of the free wiki world map

Then, for each one I check the HDYC profile to verify if the mapper has more that 42 days in the last 365:

Finally, I contact the user by OSM messaging, Telegram or other ways, and tell him/her about the campaign, by sharing the images and the blog. I feel that Colombia has increased a lot its number of members, because many of them have confirmed me they had done the process.


this is awesome!! Thank you, Andres!!! We hope to provide stats of sign up’s per country with the help of Membership WG soon :slight_smile:


Translations of pubmat all done as well, both in PT and PT-BR.

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