Call for Speakers: Monthly Presentation at an OSMF Board Meeting

Are you an individual and/or part of a local chapter, or a local community, putting together an organized project, or developing software? We’d love to hear from you at the OSMF Board meetings. Please get in touch with us or comment on this post.

In 2020, the OSMF Board began inviting Local Chapters, communities and OSM individual enthusiasts to present at our monthly Board meetings. It has been consistently great to hear about OSM activities around the world directly from the people involved. Very useful for the Board and those keenly interested in Foundation governance to get as full a picture as possible.

Previous presentations and speakers are documented here: Monthly Board Meetings/Presentations - OpenStreetMap Foundation

There is so much happening across our amazing community and we want to hear from YOU.

For the Board and others involved in core governance in OSMF, we want to have this front and center to our efforts. We appreciate the time everyone has spent to share their work with us, and encourage everyone else to signal your interest!

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You can also nominate here if you would like to hear from a community, member or project and we’ll try to find ways to connect to them :slight_smile:

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I’d like to recommend ‘Every Door’ by Ilya Zverev, the most powerful POI mobile app! It is one of the most user-friendly tools I have come across for discovering/adding interesting places. Whether you are a traveler, casual mapper, hard-core contributor, this is a perfect app.


*khm* *khm* maxar imagery *khm*

I have been notified that it’s your first time to post. Welcome, @feyeandal :partying_face:

Given the difficulties in communications with Maxar, I think getting them to present at a monthly meeting is unlikely.


Extra points for being funny. Also I am fairly sure it would be a rather boring presentation to talk about how not to use it.
I stand corrected, though, as this is not the right place. I’ll open a new thread ("Maxar" Satellite Imagery use in OSM), apologies.

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Hi Community! Bumping this in case you would like someone to present at the OSMF Board meeting! We are updating our calendar for the community presentations. Open for suggestions! :slight_smile: