Button to change layout from desktop to mobile

Continuing the discussion from Fazit nach den ersten Wochen mit Discourse:

When entering the forum on some mobile devices there is a button at the bottom of the new sidebar, offering the opportunity to switch between different layouts for desktop or mobile use:

This button (appearing with 2 different symbols) is not available if one is working on a simple desktop.

Again it is not available on some mobile devices, I have tried it with a brandnew mobile convertible laptop and there is no such button.

I have searched the Discourse documentation but I cannot find an explicit explanation to this issue although it appears that the display of the button depends on the browser in use of the mobile device. Does anyone know more details about this feature?

I have no additional info about this, if it’s not part of the official documentation, most likely this is a feature/bug request for them (mobile browser detection + availability on desktop)

Indeed, or for better / any documentation! :slight_smile:

Was this fixed now that we have updated to Discourse 3.1?