Bulgaria - Fix Building & Highway intersections

Hello Bulgaria community, @Dimitar155 @rhhs @BulgariaPT

Following our conversation on how TomTom can support the community, I am pleased to announce the launch of a MapRoulette challenge in Sofia and its surrounding. The challenge is about fixing intersections between buildings and highways. The Leads were generated based on a spatial comparison of highways and buildings available in the OSM data, you can Identify and fix, if needed, cases where a way with tag highway=* intersects with a building.

We have added 227 tasks to this challenge. More information is available on our Bulgaria GitHub page and in the MapRoulette challenge description.

Furthermore, I will work with the team internally to check the entire road network, focusing on missing and isolated highways that I can publish soon to the community, hopefully improving OpenStreetMap in Bulgaria.

Please let me know your thoughts on this challenge, and if you consider it to be of added value, I will ask the team to refill if we have new tasks coming up.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy editing!

p.s: Thank you for being open and I look forward to working with you to benefit the map in the future. I will respond to the previous post with all notes and meeting results from our last call.


The links in your post go to a project in Peru…

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Thank you @rhhs for pointing this out. it is fixed now :slight_smile:

I noticed there are 42 cases in the village of Lopyan, added by @fahrrad I started a discussion at this change set about them Changeset: 83695377 | OpenStreetMap

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@sbaido is it possible for this challenge to be recreated?

Hi @plamen,
I’m contacting you on behalf of Salim who is on leave this week.
If I understand you correctly, you’d like us to create a new challenge on fixing building and highway intersections, or is it about something else?
Thank you!

Hi @HajarElOuafi,
Not sure.
Actually, I adjusted a lot of buildings in a remote village simultaneously.
So JOSM validator gives no error in this area.
But they still persist as an issue in MapRoullette.
I have to click all of them as ‘Already FIxed’, which is a little annoying.

Hi @plamen ,

Thanks for clarifying, indeed it makes sens. We will try to adjust the MapRoulette challenge as per your suggestion to avoid spending a lot of times in the ones already fixed, and we will absolutely keep you posted.
We appreciate your interest and active participation in this challenge, thank you!

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Hi @plamen ,
The challenge was refreshed MapRoulette, only tasks that needs to be solved are there.
Thank you so much for your active participation in the challenge.
Happy editing!


hi @plamen @rhhs @Dimitar155

How is this challenge going, what is your other remarks on this?

The ones I solved were mostly building passages, for instance to a private parking area at the back of an apartment block. Some were on private roads, in large industrial zones for instance. They are the ones that I couldn’t solve sometimes. I didn’t see any issues on public roads, except the mess in Lopyan village that @plamen worked on.

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@sbaido you can close the challenge safely. Since half issues are coming from Lopyan village, which are already aligned with the latest Bing imagery.

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The challenge itself is fine. I have spotted some false positives which I’ve reported via “Not an issue” button. It may be a good idea to expand it to the rest of Bulgaria.

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@plamen : do you mind closing the tasks on MapRoulette to give it a status.

thank you!

Good morning @Dimitar155 , @rhhs ,

I refilled the Bulgaria - Fix Building & Highway intersections challenge to include the whole country.

Please give me your opinion

Could you exclude service roads from the challenge? It would skip the access roads to car parks and the industrial area private roads.

Hello @rhhs,

Yes we will look into that very soon, probably can have a team member starting today and will revert back with the challenge excluding the mentioned cases.


Hello @rhhs ,

It is already cleaned, you can now refresh the challenge :slight_smile:

Hello Bulgaria community, @Dimitar155 @rhhs @plamen,

We conducted more cleanup on the tasks and add new 481 of newly found issues for your review.

Best regards;

Трудовец seems to be another problem village: all buildings seem to be shifted wrt the roads (which seem aligned with the aerial image). Only a few buildings cross roads, however. @plamen is there an easy way to solve this (move all buildings a few metres in one direction)?