Brainstorming on reversion

Looking at the Danube relation changeset, there still are particles of the relation that where changed too by different deleted accounts which did not get reverted yet. While the changesets that did this damage affect other places where a revert also still missing. Is that by accident/missing manpower?

Without specifics, I can’t really comment. Do you have something like a DWG ticket number that I can look at that identifies the objects that you are talking about?

I browse to the Danube Changeset and load into JOSM. I select the relation and from the context menu do “Select members”.

In the Authors panel now I see some “user_nnn”. I click a user and do “Select” in the panel bottom. user_18305684 seem to be honest. user_20380720 looks a vandal - all they ever changed was removing name:ru from one of the rivers. One more click brings me to avahi and lets me see what else they changed: Removing name:ru from ever more entities.

Yes, that was one that I ran out of time reverting the other night. I’m reverting least some of the remaining changes by that user here. Again - for the avoidance of doubt - it’s likely that many of these name:ru inside Ukraine aren’t meaningful any more (after official renaming of streets). However see here - an automatic removal of name:ru regardless of context isn’t the way to go about it.

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In my home town in Austria, a German mapper added name:ru to all of the city boroughs - just transliterations, nowhere visible OTG, not much use, as Russians generally can read the latin alphabet (but not the other way around.) Still, not enough of a violation of OSM code to yank them en masse, IMHO.