Border zone


Minä en puhu suomea, anteeksi.

Since Finland has a border zone (currently mapped as landuse=military), I’d like to know your opinion about the boundary=border_zone proposal:

The idea is to have a separate tag for a border zone since other tags not always fit - in Russia, for example, military presence in the border zone isn’t significant enough to warrant landuse=military (this is also due to the fact that border zone is huge - tens of kilometers sometimes).

How does it look like in Finland? Is it really patrolled that often or was it so that no suitable tag was found for it?
Is it possible to visit border_zone in Finland (after getting a permit of sorts from the authorities)? I.e. is it access=no or access=permit?

If you have any thoughts/ideas how to improve the proposal, please share.


Ok, if I understand the correctly, border permit is of a ‘shall-issue’ type, so access=permit.


My guess would be that landuse=military was used for the border zone simply because there wasn’t any better way of tagging it at the time of its creation. That proposal would probably be a better way of tagging the border zone at least in my opinion. And yes you’re right, you can and need to get a permit in order to enter the border zone legally. So access=private is wrong, which again was probably probably due to access=permit being quite rare

The voting has started. Please vote if you like the idea. If not, vote anyway )

The proposal has been approved. Kiitos for support.

I’ll create the feature description page in the upcoming days, but the tag could already be used.

There would be no rendering yet on the main carto layer - that would require having certain number of objects in the database, if I remember correctly. But I’ll be working on it - there are plenty of border zones in Russia, so there is no trouble with that at all :))