Better RTL support


Is there a way to improve the RTL support of this forum?
When writing both in Hebrew and in English, everything gets messed up and the direction of the sentense is wrong, causing the sentense to be unreadable.

Are you aware of this issue?

This is what I found online:
Recommended way to handle RTL mixed with LTR languages - support - Discourse Meta

Not sure if it’s relevant though…

The following is a post that is extremely hard to understand due to this issue:
MapRoulette challenge: add buildings Israel - Communities / יִשְׂרָאֵל (Israel) - OpenStreetMap Community Forum


Can I make this message public on #site-feedback:issues so other people can chime in and help?



I guess the first step is to try turning this on:

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I didn’t know that existed, I’ve enabled it.

@Harel_M can you please reload the site and let us know if you see any differences?


Looks amazing!! Thanks for the quick turnaround!