Best tools for road conflation

I am looking at road conflation tools, and I was hoping for some feedback on the best options available.

I’m aware of the OSM lists:

Some of these tools appear to be oriented for specific things like POIs, etc., so rather than going through every tool I’m hoping someone might be able to save me that trouble. :slight_smile:

I am interested in any and all road conflation whether it’s just importing a new housing development into JOSM, or a python/C++ program to compare/analyze and suggest possible changes for a whole county.

I have a separate test server of OSM running, so I won’t be publishing my tests to production.

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Probably good to start not with the process, conflation, but what you want to accomplish with it in the end as that is way more import before choosing the tool.

If for instance is your goal to give the community a tool based on opensource government data, this might be the way to do it:

My objectives are:
-adding missing roads
-updating road polylines for ways that aren’t accurate.
-adding meta data like speed limits

Sometimes the road way in OSM is 100-200 feet off of the road, and the county has a shapefile that is dead center. There are many county governments that have roads with excellent data, but OSM has not been updated since the original tiger import. I would update the way to have the exact path of the road.

I am capable of building conflation tools, and I already built some simple stuff. I don’t want to rebuild the wheel if someone else already has excellent tools though. I’m going to start testing tools regardless, but I would appreciate anyone who has done it to point me in the right direction.


Thanks for providing your objectives.

That is exactly where the “scheve wegen” layer provides that I linked in my reply above, the good thing is that that layer is also shared so other can help. I know @PeeWee32 is using QGis for that, you might contact him.

The analysis I made was all done in Postgis. I download OSM data (pbf file) from geofabrik and import in postgis using osm2pgsql. I also have a (monthly refreshed) postgis database with public and (mostly) accurate NL data of many objects including highway polygons (called BGT). In a postgis sql script I compare these datasets en publish the results in Qgiscloud so that others can help using the webmap, WMS (e.g. for use in JOSM/Qgis) or WFS. The kind help I got for this was:

Geofabrik: providing PBF files

Geotoko: providing BGT postgis Database Dump

Qgiscloud: providing free account for the use of improving OSM database

I hope this helps.


Old question, but adding a link to a tool used in Norway and Sweden: GitHub: highway_merge

The -new argument produces files with all highways not in OSM.
The -tagref and -taglocal argument produces files where highways tags in OSM are updated (for example modified speed limits or new bicycle lanes).

Missing highways are tracked on this wiki page on a monthly basis.

Also, each month the source data from the public road administration is checked with another script to discover new highway segments which were not present in that dataset last month. This is the main source of adding highways in Norway after new constructions or upgrades have been completed.

All updates we do involves as a last step manual verification + connecting new ways to the existing highway network in OSM, as automatic conflation of ways can be a tricky.

Thanks for the replies everyone!

At a quick glance, the highway_merge github looks very promising. It’s seems to be what I was looking for. I’ll check it out more, and hopefully it works good. I’m surprised I couldn’t find it before, but that’s why I’m here :slight_smile: