Bangalore Mappers

Calling all Bangalore mappers, lets have a meet?

We have the best mapped city in the country, but strangely no active community. If there is some interest for getting together this Sunday, March 8, I can arrange some space and snacks in Indiranagar.

We’re on :smiley: Do come over if you are around.

Would have loved to…
unfortunately, not free :frowning:

We do ??

Since Bangalore is best mapped, how about now focussing on other cities?

What’s the right convention to map metro stations?

Should it be say “Halasuru” or " Halasuru Metro Station"

As far as I know… it should be the former… right??

On the wall of the station is written “Halasuru” nothing else! We map only what is written thats the rule.

What has happened there???

It looks like a new mapper has deleted quite a lot of things. Often this happens when someone is trying to create a map for their own use and doesn’t understand that they’re editing the same map data that everyone sees.

Assuming you’re a local mapper (I’m not) I’d suggest explaining to the problem to them in a changeset discussion comment. They’ll probably say “oops - sorry” and you can then revert the problem changesets (or ask someone else to revert them for you). Of course they might say “actually, all of this area has been redeveloped and this roads are no longer here” - but I suspect it’s unlikely.

You can see which changeset is the problem by using the “history” tab - it’s easy to see one that covers the area of deletions, and when you open the changeset you can see that they (all changesets by this mapper) are all deletions.

If it does turn out that undoing the changes is in order whoever does it will need to go through them carefully “most recent first” - it’s easiest to do that rather than do them piecemeal.

Arun (PlaneMad) is on it

Lots of buildings have been traced… Bangalore now looks more detailed than ever…

Yes there are a lot of new buildings not only in Bangalore. (the last days up to 500 000 edits per day).
The mappers are Newbies (more than 20) who all made an OSM-account from the 8. to 15.5.2015.

I have asked them for informations. The only answer was : „We are contributing the data of different cities in India to OSM.“ Two times I have asked to tell something about the source of their data, but I didn’t get an answer. Very strange!!

And users are sometimes deleting the objects while adding new buildings. I had to re-add a park in my neighbourhood a few days back -

I believe there is quite a bit of this going on (not necessarily all in Bangalore). Have you found the culprit and told him / her?

I had commented on the changeset alongwith the object which the user has deleted but there was no response.
On a similar note, more than a million building=* keys have been added since 14 May and is now the most used key in India OSM.! Also more than 97% of building keys take the default value, yes. Again this was only 87% few weeks back.

There have been a large number of new editors who started recently. All are working in a similar manner, most concentrating on the same item, and working often to working hours. It would be reasonable to suspect that they could be being paid or getting some other inducement. There is presumably no OSM rule about paid editors, as long as they contribute under the license like everyone else, and this is reasonable. But certainly they should be expected to respond to communication, like any other contributor and even more in their case since in some way or other they would be representing their employer.

Assuming that these are paid editors, then stating that they are being paid, and who by, should perhaps be made obligatory. If they are working for other reasons in a group then this should be publicised so that the group can be contacted in case of continuing problems.

Right, it’ll be great if there’s someone representing them, perhaps on a wiki or somewhere else in their OSM user profile. It makes easy for any OSM contributor to communicate with that group.

Indigomc: +1

Those mappers edit buildings quite exact but they don’t know the functionality of multipolygons.

Isn’t there an initiative of mapbox to engage paid mappers?

We are speaking here of the following mappers (the list may be uncomplete) :
Premkumar, saikumar, jasvinderkaur , praveeng, himalay, vamshiN, harisha, anthony1, sdivya, akhilsai, harishk, harishvarma, bindhu, Apreethi, vamshikrishna, thrinath, sampath reddy, hareesh11, masthanvali, sravann, kranthikumar, rajashaker, himabindhu, maheshrkm, Nikhil04, pvprasad, shiva05, Srikanth07, anushap, kushwanth, samuelmj, Rahuldhanraj, venkatkotha, shekarn, subhashini, Narsimulu, vraju, shalinins, sathishshetty, Tinkle, rajureddyvudem, pallavi1, himabindhu, Ashok09, Navaneetha, vikramsingh, saikumard

Please give informations about your mapping activities!!!

This thread has been read more 37 000 times. Isn’t there anybody who has contact to these mappers???

Planemad : Are they working for Mapbox?

The 37000+ reads of this thread seems really high, even if it was of great interest to all editors. It was very recently, when the traffic count went up suddenly and then stopped. It may be something automated, but then it raises the question of why this thread became of such interest recently.

I think this subject, i.e. mass editing which is possibly paid, is worth another dedicated thread. It would be as well if the responsible party started it.