Bangalore Mappers

Now the most viewed thread in users: India! Its worth having another dedicated thread.

How would you tag a wedding hall… A kalyana mantapa??

amenity = community_centre?

or do we just suggest a new tag?

Nope, this was contributed by based out of Hyderabad. More details here:

Banneghatta National PArk-

Has anyone here been to Bannerghatta recently? I havent been there since I was in school. I dont remember anything - The existing OSM data there is pretty unusable to say the least. We should fix it

Community mapping party in celebration of osmgeoweek -

Found detailed maps(pages 291-296) in their Approved Master Plan document -
These maps can be one of the sources/references along with ground data.

I’ve been working on adding relations for BMTC bus routes using data from:
mybmtc website:
BMTC android app:
The android app allows you to track the location of buses and displays a track of the route it took.

A few routes I have added so far:

If anyone wants me to add a specific route or to work on routes for a specific area, I would be happy to do so.

Anyone did a test run on the new airport road? If any of you could map it based on real world data, it would be great.

If you all are doing some mapping at Bangalore, I can lend a hand by arm chairing from Dharwad.