Back button does not work in-thread

I’ve no idea whether this is a bug or supposed to be a feature, but when I

I can’t, presumably because Discourse has consumed the link internally and not treated it as a normal web link.

Edit: Interestingly, in a different thread (clicking the blue link above, for example) this bug is not present.

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Yes this appears to be a problem with all “in-topic links” - I have experienced that in another thread as well. If you click a link to another post within the same topic you cannot use the browser “page back” button to return to your start post (most probably because you are still on the same page).

  • If you opened the very topic on a new tab the “page back” button will remain inactive.
  • If you opended the topic within the same tab (by clicking a topic in one of the topic lists for instance) the “page back” button will immediately bring you back to the page or list where you came from.

I don’t know if you can call this a bug - I think it is annoying if you want to follow in-topic links in a very long topic - but at least one can see some reason for it (1 topic = 1 page).

This looks like an upstream bug/feature to report: