What do the symbols on the dropdown menu mean?

No hover explanation for me, in Chromium or Firefox (normal and incognito versions of each) on Windows 10. To be clear, there are two sets of icons in that menu. The ones to the left of the text do have hover descriptions; the ones to the right do not.

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I do have hover explanations for the icons on both sides … Firefox 10x on Linux/Debian.

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Descriptions on both sides here as well (Firefox 109 on Linux).

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Missing these too on Firefox 108.0.2 on Windows 11

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Left hand descriptions only on Firefix 109.0 on Win 10

No hover text on right-hand images for me on Linux either (Firefox 109.0 (64-bit) via snap, Ubuntu 22.04, KDE):

In that example, my mouse was hovering over the icon with the yellow background.

I have hover text on the left symbols, but not the right symbols.

I use latest Win10 version with Firefox version 109.0

Hover text on both left and right. Safari 16.2 on macOS Ventura 13.1.

It’d be really nice if some of the people who see hover text on the right set of icons as well as the left could tell us what some of the pictures are supposed to represent :slight_smile:

:bell: All notifications
:arrow_right_hook: Replies
:heart: Likes
:email: Personal messages
:bookmark: Bookmarks
(only for mods) :white_flag: Flags
:black_small_square: Other notifications
:bust_in_silhouette: Profile

I’m not sure what those are - the symbols there do not match the screenshot above?

He just used matching emojis, so he doesn’t have to screenshot each symbol.

Some of them are the same shape but a different colour, some of them are completely different. None are the same.

Was I supposed to infer that because I posted a picture with seven icons in it and the reply was a picture with seven (ignoring the mods only one) different icons in it that they actually correspond one to one? If so, it really wasn’t obvious!

I still don’t know what they mean of course - does “likes” correspond to “where people have clicked heart” or “where people have clicked thumbs up” here? What goes in “other messages”?

No descriptions. Firefox 109 on Windows 10

For me, half of those icons show tooltip. Specifically only Replies, Likes, Bookmarks and Profile are shown. It feels like it isn’t constant though, because I’m pretty sure every icon expect one were shown their tooltip yesterday, the Other Notifications. Chrome 109, Windows 11

The meaning of those icons in your list from top downwards:

Click the bell (standard after opening) to show all your notifications
Click the arrow to filter those notifications containing a direct reply to one of your posts.
Click the heart to filter those posts for which you received a new “like” or any other reaction *
Click the envelop to filter new personal messages
Click the bookmark to show your bookmarked topics/posts **
Click the new icon (4 squares) to filter for all other notifications ***
Last one: Open your preference settings

*although this appears not to be working well as for me the list shows some old likes/reactions received but not the latest and after clicking the icon it may disappear for some time so i’d say it’s quite useless
** appears to be misplaced here as your bookmarks are not part of your notification list.
*** notifications when someone chose your post as “solution”, linked to one of your post and the like.


Another query: why when I click “Dismiss” do they still stay there? The count disappears on the avatar, but I dont want a long list of stuff I’m either not interested in or have already seen.

They stay there as “read”, no longer highlighted as “unread” so you can always go back and check past notifications. Similar to the:


OK, I feared as much. How do I change that behaviour? At present it has more stuff than I want to see in an overview

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On the notification page you can change the filter to “unread”


On the menu, there was never a way to filter out by unread, that would be a feature request upstream.