Automatically add tags to a topic based on keywords


@cquest has reminded me that we can automatically add specific tags when the forum detects specific keywords on the first post.

This might be helpful for when people is mentioning specific tools, or words and can help automate the organizations of topics.

What do you think? What would be the keywords you think should trigger which tags?



This might be helpful. It will probably suggest some wrong tags (Is there a way to do xyz?) but should overall produce some reliable results.

I guess the tags should match themselves. In my proposal (linked topic) I had eliminated redundant keys. I still have the clean-up list and we could at them as alternative lookup keys for some tags.

While this is a nice feature, it has immense potential in fricking up, so:

  • It should not be given great power, only assign keywords people CAN filter by
  • To not also ruin that, only very basic terms: Names of things like editors or other software, maybe

I think software is a good starting point for trying this feature. There shouldn’t be many false positives with JOSM, Vespucci or Osmand.