Import tags from OSM Help

I’ve created which contains all tags with at least 10 mentions, which is about 10% of the total tags.

I think there’s a lot of noise and duplication there though and they will definitely need cleaning up before they are imported - just in the top ten there is osm and openstreetmap both of which seem pretty pointless as they will apply to almost everything.

There also a korean tag with over 100 uses that translates as something spammy - possibly a side effect of some spam run.


Maybe we can do a clean-up of the 50 or higher and then let if anything missing to be created organically?

  • Note that >50 is still a considerable amount (171)
  • 100 or more is 76
  • 200 or more is 33

The other question is, how much we want to drive people to use the existing tags vs using the ones that are more useful for the new content that will be generated here?

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I think Discourse supports both categories and tags? If so would an “editing” category and “JOSM” and “IDeditor” tags make more sense than separate categories? Or would they be created as say sub-categories of editing (I don’t know how many levels of nesting are planned)?


The discussion about that is still happening, see for example some ideas about languages and different topic themes

We could apply the same for Help & Support, start with tags and see if high volume tags need their own sub-category.

Discourse does not support nesting levels, there’s only category/sub-category + tags.

I thing it is enough to avoid complexity or fragmentation inside Discourse itself.

I found the tagging on OSM Help quite useful. Unfortunately, many new users did not tag properly, i.e. they entered meaningless tags, just repeated the whole question as tags or ( unconsciously) created redundant/duplicate tags.

I find it a good idea that users can create new tags but I also think it is necessary (at least in the help category) that established users can update or add to the tags.

Already seeding the tag list with established ones from OSM Help would probably also help. We’d have to clean up Tom’s list a bit: unify redundant tags (address, addressing, addresses), remove meaningless ones (error, OSM), remove stubs from writing tags with spaces (no, on), etc. We would have to think what to do with language tags (lang-de, lang-es). I think that was discussed elsewhere.

It would be great if an experienced Help OSM contributor can volunteer to clean up the tag list Tom provided :slight_smile:

I can do that.

Is there a way to change tags of other users? The Trust Level description does not talk about tags, only about categories.

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Our current settings should allow anyone to create and add tags (trust level 1 and above)

I meant can experienced users change tags of other users’ questions after they were created? New/one-time help seekers often miss choosing appropriate tags. On Help that is possible. Here I could not find a way.

My understanding is that should be doable.

I’ve taken Tom’s list and condensed it down to some 150 tags. I’ve put the list on the Wiki and included some explanations there.

My suggestion would be to use the tags from the first category and everything above 50 uses from the third category. But I welcome other opinions.

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Would it be possible to disambiguate explicitly between the cases where the word ‘tag’ is used to designate help topics and the cases where it is used to describe objects in OSM modeling?

Unless of course I get it wrong and they’re the same. In which case it would help if that was explicit too.

Might be related with the request here:

Any feedback on my proposal?

Can we load the tags then? I’m happy to provide them in any other format (csv?) if preferred.

In this topic we are explicitly talking about search tags in this forum, not about OSM attributes.

“explicit” doesn’t mean “obvious from the context for all insiders”. My brain is still sore from all the implicit notions I has to investigate a year ago when joining the community…

My suggestion would be to remove all those tags from help osm, which are no longer in current use much or even outdated. Help OSM has been around for quite some time, and looking at how frequent a tag is being used is only telling half the story. To name one example, “potlatch2” would seem like a tag we don’t need anymore.

Overall, I would also recommend to make the list much shorter, and wait for a new tagging to evolve on this site. We don’t want new users to be drowned with tags, which don’t make much sense to them. Even when using 50 as a threshold, the list of “Most Significant Tags” stills feels much too long to me.

We also might need to look into tag groups, and define tags specifically for the Help section in DIscourse.


@TZorn I like the approach @mmd suggested. We can keep the list you curated a bit shorter and once more people starts using this forums we can decide if we need to import or people have already started to populate tags here organically based on the new help topics created.

In the past months we had a few help and support topics using tags.

How does the organic list of tags used look like so far?