area:highway and use in Russia

Dear Friends,
thank you for intensively use of tag area:highway in Russia.
We can see here how often the people use it:

With other words, this tag is probably OSM standard. I was this week in Salzburg (
We discuss with the mapper from Austria about rendering of this tag in Mapnik in highest zoom level.
Some mappers from Wien are in the mapnik rendering group. I hope we can see it in next months.

For new users- the proposal page is:

Best regards to all friends from Russia!


эх, недавно у нас два велосипедиста с гарминами на рулях проехали вместе по дороге - любо-дорого было area:highway мапить :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Of course, without good aerial images is such mapping impossible.

This statament is untrue, you can do precise mapping if you have good enough base geomerties (precise ways highway=*, precise barrier=kerb or building=yes) - usually it may/will help you with mapping highways as areas

It is true, you write. But it cost more time. The simpliest way are using of high res aerial images.

Marek can you sync Polish, Deutsch and English version of ? All they have a some differences

Thanks for the hint andygol!
I will do it next days.

Another question:
Could somebody help and provide example rendering of such areas?
We have still traditionalists in the community, especially UK. We should show, why the idea with areas good is. I mean: we are “street map” and especially streets looks bad when we render vectors.

I have an example from Kathmandu:
Roundabout Durbar Marg and both streets on the south side: Teen Dhara Sadak and Durbar Mag.
In reality it is possible to drive directly from Teen Dhara Sadak to Durbar Marg. We draw both streets ac connected to the roundabout, because of routing.

If we has area:highway we could render this situation more realistic.
With best regards to my Russian Friends again!


Russian street traffic is not that chaotic as in many Asian countries, therefore it would be hard to find really illustrative examples.
You can take a look at several squares in Moscow: - both square and bridge

Good mapping!
Do you use also turn:lanes=* ?

It’s hard to call it “widely used feature”, but some streets and intersections have it:

Problem is, map converters rarely taking it in account. Therefore, people are not motivated to tag it.

Another problem is geometry. To properly map turn lanes (and lanes in general), usually you have to split ways in certain points. It affects routes and so on. People are afraid of touching it sometimes, even being a kind of aware that JOSM can take care of relations by adding split ways back to it.

It´s true.
But coming back to this example:

If you wish to drive from B4 east via Gebbertstrasse to Nürnberger Strasse, you should take in the left from both right lanes. If you don´t do it, it is impossible to make right manouver with the car, because the distance in the Gebberstrasse ist to short.
With another words, the navigation should support turn:lanes for showing right result.
It is technically possible and very helpful for the driver.

I’m not trying to say it’s useless - It is useful. But mapping and testing it could be quite cumbersome for many participants of OSM project. Even keeping in mind, there is some cool preset for JOSM to display all those features.
Garmin custom maps are pretty popular in Russia (and, I believe, in Europe too), but I’m not aware of any converter supporting JCV sections of IMG, containing junction views.

For example, Pobedy square in St.Petersburg:
Mapnik (don’t renders area:highway):
Чепецк.net (renders area:highway):

Thank you Sergey!

Good proposal, Marek!
Added russian translation.
Here are some more examples of using area:highway :

Very good examples. I hope our community have enough courage to add this rendering rule. The map looks simply better with real street dimensions.

Please map more- probably is the huge number of mapped area:highway in the map the only possible way for changing mind of rendering group.

Thank you for the translation!

Best regards!

Этот красивый рендер существует?

I think we need a special tag for traffic light stop lines. Highway=stop in the proposal is not a good idea while stop lines doesn’t require stop in most cases (I’ve noticed it in this changeset).


I had at the beginning for the point “K” from the proposal the idea with
highway=stop_line which is different from highway=stop

highway=stop - is sign, like a highway=give_way, but you must stop before turn or cross road.