Announcement: OpenAirportMap


I’d like to present you an experimental map that I developed: OpenAirportMap.

You enter the aiport’s ICAO code and will be presented a vector-map with data retrieved via Overpass-API.

Maybe there is an aviation enthusiast who might like this. :slight_smile:




are you now going to enforce it? The past 5 years since this was approved by the board, you could even have a company with “OpenStreetMap” as part of the registered name and a misleading website and not have problems…

FWIW, even if it would be desirable from the pespective of our project, I do not believe owning a trademark such as “OpenStreetMap” will prevent all other kinds of maps like “Open Data Impact Map” open litter map open history map and many many more.
To make this claim credible, we would have to go after all these maps, wouldn’t we?

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You should read up on “whataboutism”. It’s a natural reaction but a very bad habit best kept in check.


on the other hand, excessive claims could be immoral.

For consideration, it might be worth also allowing IATA codes in future iterations :slight_smile:


Just posting a link without any accompanying text explaining why that link matters may come across as rude or dismissive. To me that reads as if the person you’re replying to isn’t even worth the effort to type a coherent reply. I don’t think that’s what you want to convey though.



I did some experimenting in Carto with rendering runways a while back. You are welcome to copy whatever ideas there seem relevant for this map:

Showing the runway=displaced_threshold sections and the ‘normal’ runway sections might be a nice addition and relevant to your audience.


You might want to put the taxiways, taxilanes, and parking_positions on a layer above the runways. Sometimes the broader runway blocks them:

And obviously, zooming in, you might want to consider rendering area:aeroway=runway below the runway centreline.


How on earth is that even vaguely on-topic in a thread which is basically someone trying to share a new map that they have created with people?

Rather than replying by email immediately, why not wait until you get a chance to think about what to say and contributing something that is a bit more relevant?

(and yes - I appreciate the irony - complaining about off-topic posts is a diversion from the main topic of discussion also) :slight_smile:

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The text pointed to by the link literally explains everything relevant.

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Of course, but this is not about the raw information. By just posting the link without any context you’re not pointing out why that link would be relevant, or even if it is. That form of communication can be construed as a form of passive aggression.

Compare posting just that raw link (as the first response to a cool project someone is showcasing even!) with this:

Cool project, I like [INSERT SOME FEATURE YOU LIKE].

I do worry that the name you chose might run afoul of OpenStreetMap’s Trademark Policy. Have you had a look at that?

You might also consider adding whether you are an expert on the matter of trademarks, or just a contributor who suspects that that policy might be relevant. You could add whether you feel that it’s probably alright, but that they should check, or if you are absolutely dead sure that they’ll run into legal trouble. Perhaps a hint about who to contact with questions about that topic.

Just basic polite conversation. We’re not machines.


I’m not, I don’t even know what a ICAO code is, but it looks great to me! Some patience required to let the map build itself, that’s overpass I guess.


Something that would be quite useful would be accepting IATA and FAA codes in addition to the ICAO codes. Most non-airgeeks, if they know airport codes at all, know the IATA ones (“ORD”, “LHR”, etc.), not the ICAO ones. Meanwhile, most airports in the United States don’t have ICAO codes, but they do have FAA codes.


The map now has a proper search-input that allows to search ICAO and IATA codes as well as names.


The project and the new search function looks great! Congrats!


Really nice project! Would it be possible to generate a page with all the airports which have no data? It seems like they are just missing their ICAO code on OSM.


Looks very nice!
Does anyone know why Teuge airport does not work?

And as feedback, maybe don’t register a map movement in the page history. it’s very hard to go to the previous page if you do that.


I’ll try to do that. Apart from not having an ICAO code OpenAiportMap also shows “no data” if the airport itself is not an area but only a node.


That’s actually a really good point. I wanted to mimic the behaviour of but I just noticed that this is probably why they are using the anchor # and not the search ? parameters. I’ll definitely improve that.