Ability to use data from geodaten.graz.at

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tl:dr: is there any movement / initiative to make government data open? What people can do to allow free use of data by public organizations like OSM? Does the state allow its data to be used in OSM if such a request is made? What is the practice?

I found a pretty nice trees cadaster and I’d like to use its data to tag some noticeable trees precisely (species, planting year).

If I press on the “C” (“Legal”) button there, it returns 404, but on the official web page of the city of Graz they provided a link to a terms of use, and as I can see (translating it using Google Translate) it is very restrictive.

Would be great if we can change it, because Graz has a lots of valuable data on their maps, like emergency facilities, barrier-free etc.

So, the current state of what we know is allowed can be found at Contributors - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Theoratically there is https://www.data.gv.at/ - an open data initiative but unfortunately its ‘just’ CC-BY 4.0 without an special permit for OSM and its not sure they are willing to do issue one.
There is hope - OGD - Dual Licencing am Horizont - but until then CC BY 4.0 can not be used.

What you can do is ask the Ansprechpartnerinnen at Online Karte: Baumkataster - Stadtportal der Landeshauptstadt Graz if they are willing to issue a special permit/waiver for OSM. Information about this can be found Use of CC BY 4.0 licensed data in OpenStreetMap | OpenStreetMap Blog here and the waivers can be found Licence/Waiver and Permission Templates - OpenStreetMap Foundation here. You can also look at the last one in austria from “Government regulator for electricity and natural gas”.

Thanks for the update and for the links, I found some interesting points. Though I don’t feel comfortable to request something from authorities – I’m just a guest here in Austria, and I don’t know German yet. I was mostly curious how authorities behaves in reality – are they friendly to OSM, are they ready to open data, was there any examples? And how is the Open Data Directive works for OSM community in Austria

I see it works in general: significant amount of government related data is in CC-BY already… BTW may we fork the OSM and re-license it back to CC? – I’m kidding now, but I also don’t understand why do they open data under CC license, instead of more suitable for such kind of information ODBL (? at least it was promoted like this when we were switching).