Zoomlevel 18 for Osmarender

Hi folks,
if I’m looking at places like:
I’m wondering if there is a plan to introduce an additional zoom level to osmarender?

Adding an extra zoom level means another layer needs to be rendered that is 4 times as large as the previous one. I think the impact of this on rendering and storage is what currently prevents a z18 on tiles@home (osmarender layer).

isn’t it possible to render it just for urban areas? or areas with a certain data density?

Hi morray,

This site offers maps in zoom 18: CloudMade. And this is the location you have in your link. Although it looks like not all the names are there and I’m afraid the renderer doesn’t show names if they are going to overlay another poi. Also they have some trouble keeping the maps up to date. If you don’t like the style you can pick another one out of a long list of styles or quite easily even create your own!