Zoom Level - Different Ortho Images

Didn’t see any other topic by searching for this, maybe there is, but didn’t see it.

I have noticed that the ortho image is different between some zoom levels. In my example, All the zoom levels shows a current (relatively current) image, however when I zoom to the max level, I notice the image becomes an older image.

This is an issue for me because the street I’m trying to add (which is farily new) now cuts through many other streets in this area that were added using the old Ortho image.

So in all the other views, the previously added roads do not match up to the latest ortho, but in the max zoom they do (where my edits no longer match up).

What is a good solution for this? Re-arrange the existing roads in the area to match the latest Ortho? Digitize the new road over top theirs and leave theirs alone?



Forget about the images. The roads should match reality! :slight_smile:

If there are old images in Yahoo, make a node (perhaps on a prominent point like a former crossing) with just a note=“Yahoo images not accurate anymore!” or if there are leftovers of the old roads mark them as highway=abandoned. Another way to prevent mappers for drawing outdated roads is to map what is realy there where the road was, like natural=scrub or a new residential-area.