YWMS plugin and firefox v3

I upgraded to firefox v3, but now my JOSM YWMS plugin is no longer working. I did the create profile thing again, and restarted JOSM and firefox, but it’s not working. It launches the firefox window, the imagery appears there, but then it never closes the window again. JOSM is stuck in the background saying “Contacting WMS server…”

Did anyone else get it working OK with firefox 3 ?

I’m afraid I can’t help with a solution, but can confirm that the exact same thing happens with me using FF3 as well


The plugin doesn’t work with FF3 anymore. I think it was on topic in one of the mailing lists. Only solution I read about was downgrade to FF2 or try to install FF2 together with FF3. How to do that I’ve no idear, sorry.