YOURS project does not show my .pak file

hi lambertus
thankyou for your answers
my question is my installed YOURS does not show my gosmore .pak file in gosmore folder and instead show world map,i want to show only my city that i convert in from extracted osm me again :slight_smile:

hi Mr lambertus.can you help me again in this problem?

The Gosmore pak file is not used for displaying the map, only for calculating routes. You can use the OpenLayers options like “center” and “zoom” to automatically zoom in to your city:

thanks again Lambertus :slight_smile:
is threre any web project for my purpose? i want only show my city map and routing and search for POIs on it? is combination of postgreSql and postGIS and pgrouting suitable for me?what is the easiest way to do that? thanks

Not sure, I haven’t been keeping tabs on other webbased routing sites. Anyway, do you plan to run the website on a private network or is it connected to internet. If it’s the latter then YOURS is still useful, you can restrict the scrolling and zooming to your city only (or use a WMS server that serves only tiles for your city), still use Nominatim for the geo-lookups and couple that to a gosmore pak for routing.

For alternatives I’d like to point you to the osm wiki, there’s a webbased routing page that lists a few alternatives.

thanks.can i make a wms that servs only my osm data and connect to it with YOURS? if yes how?

I’m sorry, but I don’t know much about hosting your own tileserver, I have always used the OSM tiles. Mapnik is an option, which requires postgresql in which case you can switch to a pgrouting setup at the same time. But you could use ArcGIS or any other application that serves tiles as well.

What I do know: switching between map provider is fairly easy in YOURS as it’s all handled by OpenLayers. Look at the javascript map initialisation function. It will currently connect to openstreetmap tilservers but this can be changed to anything that servers tiles. Have a look at OpenLayers documentation for examples on how to use other map providers.