YourNavigation BUG?

Hi I just tried out YourNavigation and fond what i belive is a bug.

try making a route from:
Tilst Østervænge, Tilst, Århus, 8381, Danmark

24, Havkærvej, Tilst, Århus, 8381, Danmark

bicycle. fastest.

You will find, that the proposed route is not the shortest.
there are two alternatives which are shorter. (The same thing is the case for other modes of transportation)

What is the reason for this? is it a bug in the OpenStreetMap-network or is it a bug in the YourNavigation-routing-engine?

Checking the history, I notice you edited / added some of the streets in that area about a week ago. It could just be that YourNavigation hasn’t been updated since then. I’m not sure how often it is updated, it doesn’t seem to say what date the data is from on that page.

Yes. that’s true. It was one of my first attempts in editing OSM-data. And the motivation was that I wanted YourNavigation to find the shorter path. I thought the inability to find the route was due to some missing tag (like: cycleway=yes or something like that) or maybe some road not connected correctly to the network, but I didn’t find any reason to the misplaced route.

My point is: I didn’t add the road Bysmedevej (clearly a shorter route then the one proposed by YourNavigation) It was added by Freek november 2009. Surely YourNavigation must have been updated sometime between november 2009 and 19th of april 2010 when I found the bug, or?