Your views on my contribution guide on North Korea

Hello everyone,

Because there was no guide on “how to map North Korea”, I tried to make a synthesis of things that can be recognized from satellite images.

So I tried to make a help page on the wiki about mapping North Korea, here is the link:

I’m not sure what the scope of this kind of wiki page is (should I try to be exhaustive of everything that is mapped in North Korea? should I limit myself to specific objects and patterns in North Korea? If so, how do I distinguish one from the other?)
How can I make this wiki page more relevant?
Do you have any suggestions/improvements/criticisms for this one?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!


I suggest that you have a look at

You can set the scope to whatever you consider to be useful or helpful to other users. One usually notes the scope of a page before the first section so it apears above the table of contents. I would write something like “The North Korea Mapping Guide provides advice for mapping specific objects in North Korea.” (bold as in the wiki text)

I would suggest that you limit yourself to objects and patterns specific to North Korea to avoid duplication. There are many pages that explain road mapping like the wiki pages Highways and Section Roads in highway=*. It might be helpful to link to those pages.

What do you mean by “relevant”?

I really like the banner. It looks great. Some users might complain that you wrote “OPEN STREET MAP” instead of “OpenStreetMap” or “OPENSTREETMAP” though. The comparision between photos and aerial imagery is very interesting. I can imagine that is is helpful for users mapping other places, too.


Thank you @Tigerfell for your response, so I have defined the purpose of the guide more precisely and simply. I also modified the banner to respect the typography of the project name