You have my street name wrong, how do I get it corrected?

You can correct the street name by going to then freely signing up after which you will see an edit button on logging in.
When you select edit for the first time you will be guided though a short introduction to the OpenStreetMap and editing.
You will then feel able to select the street and see where to change it’s name at the left side where all the tags are displayed. A road may be split into more than one section so be sure to check each section. Finally when happy with your changes, select upload and add a few words to say what you have edited…like “corrected street name” and add a source which in your case maybe “survey” or “local knowledge”
This will correct the osm database immediately and quite quickly it will be shown on the standard layer of the map at usual zoom levels for seeing the street names. You may need to refresh your browser and with other apps that use the osm you may need to wait for the developer to update their maps.
If you don’t succeed or have other questions, feel free to ask further questions on this site.

If you do not want to sign up and change the name yourself, another option is to just click the “note” button on the right side of the OSM standard map


place the marker close to the road and write a short comment so that someone else can change the name. Anyhow you have to be aware that it may take some time until someone takes care.