Yearly car and motorcycle check points

Wanted to map the yearly car check point but couldn’t find a proper category to put it in. In thailand these are often private owned, are not garage or any of that service, they just preform the mandatory yearly check on any car or motorcycle and issue the correct papers for that. They issue (sell) insurances as well. these buildings/points are often on signboards with the thai ฅรอ. on them ( i do not speak or read much thai myself). Could there be a separate feature created for these buildings?

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I think amenity=vehicle_inspection is what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

–edit: sorry I just realised this post is in the Thailand community. I have never mapped in Thailand and don’t know if this tag is commonly used there for similar places, though you can of course find out with the Overpass link on the Wiki page. I’ve seen it in other countries and the Wiki description seems to fit.

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That’s what I was looking for. Thanks!

I forgot, I wanted to mention that this is part of the JOSM presets for Thailand.
Also works with Verspucci.

Code repository and installation instructions:

It all boils down to add a reference to this path in preferences menu:

ah, thx! this gives me the incentive to finally start using josm. always used the in browser edittor (and played a bit in Vespucci). a search tells me that bitbucket is some kind of cloud which then josm can use… got to dive in a bit here. let’s see what the future brings :grinning:

@jplee don’t worry too much about what Bitbucket is. Not relevant in this context. It is a source code repository hoster, similar to Github, Gitlab, or the much older Sourceforge.

To use it you simply add the link to the zip file in the presets menu in JOSM (in the preferences, click on the plus icon and add the URL).

If there is enough interest I would happily produce updates to the presets as well. The last years not much happened in this aspect. In case of interest I would open a new topic here to discuss this further.

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