XC ski trail fails to render properly

I have recently attempted to add three XC ski trails: Beaver Brook XC ski trails. The first two render properly, complete with the little XC ski icon. The third one, which joins the one of the properly rendered trails at the marker, renders as a simple generic path. It also renders as a generic path on the Pistes-Nordiques site.

My assumption is that I have made a typo in one of the piste:* tags, but I have looked at them a hundred times and failed to find the typo :frowning: That, of course, does not mean that there is no typo :slight_smile:

Any help much appreciated!

Strange … today it is rendering properly on the Pistes-Nordiques site (same link as in previous post) but still rendering as a generic path with Osmarenderer … Mapnik does not seem to have a special rendering for XC ski trails. Since it also seems to render the way an advanced XC ski trail should in JOSM I am ascribing the “problem” to a rendering bug, not to my tags.

The maps take some time to be updated after your edit, it’s normal. Usually, www.pistes-nordiques.org shouldn’t be more than 2 days old though. For TAH, maybe wait a little more.
Also, please notice the two way of tagging the nordic pistes: with the piste:type and such on the way, AND the route=piste on a relation see http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Tag:route%3Dpiste for details.

That way, you can map the piste:difficulty with the real difficulty on the ground for each section (I doubt the all , and the marking color on the all piste. www.pistes-nordiques.org shows you two distinct render for this reason.
You can check my way of doing here: http://www.pistes-nordiques.org/iframes/how-to-en.html
I doubt the all ‘Mouse Watch’ show that much danger, is it?


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