WYSIWYG-editor to change the features of a rendered map?

this post covers some difficulties we had to properly render the street map behind the newly printed Map of Copenhagen for Young Travellers, that is based upon OSM-data


to change the features of the rendered map, for example to leave the parking lot logos off the map, we needed to edit the features file osm-map-features-z17.xml with a text editor.

we’ve had quite some difficulties in finding the correct in the XML feature file, in order to ‘hide’ some layers, like parking lots, shops, arrows, … and we had to edit them manually.

does anyone know of a WYSIWYG-editor that could handle the trick, or, possibly, an editor with commented tickboxes to show/hide features?

There is an editor being developed on the Dutch tileserver.

But he means osmarender, which also have an UI being developed.