wrong location found when searching streetname including housenumber


follwing problem. When searching on openstreetmap.de for “Rauschenwasser 78” (which is in 37120 Bovenden) the marker is placed somewhere on the street “Rauschenwasser” but not on housenumber 78, although 78 is visible on the correct building.

Do you have any hint for me as a OSM-beginner how to correct this?

Thanks very much.

bye… Thomas

There are two solutions for that address (Rauschenwasser 78, bovenden), but both of them point to the same buildling. One is an area mapping of the bulding and the other is a point mapping.



If all the tags on the node apply to all of the building, the tags from the node should be merged with those on the buliding and the node deleted. If they only apply to part of the buidling, ideally the function, e.g. office, should be mapped with the relevant tags. It is probably not necessary to duplicate the address, but many people would do that. If the boundaries are not clear, it should be retained as a point. Note that having multiple instances of an address rendered is not an error in the map.

If you are getting a third solution, you need to provide the node or way URL for it so we can see what is being found.

thanks for your answer.

Seems everythink ok with the tags of the node and the building. Address set correctly to Rauschenwasser 78, 37120 Bovenden.

Nonetheless the marker ist set to another nearby position when I search for “Rauschenwasser 78”, see image:

What I just tried: searching for the full address “Rauschenwasser 78, 37120 Bovenden”. This provides the marker in the right location :slight_smile:

Is there any way to correct any tags to get the right marker-position for a search on “Rauschenwasser 78”?

Thanks, bye… Thomas

The tagging is correct. Instead, your search term “Rauschenwasser 78” is the problem, since it does not contain a town name and the search engine has no idea where to search for this place. Searching for streets with that name all over the world is apparently still possible and gives you the correct street, even though any other street with that name in a different town would also match. But if you want to find an exact address, you should at least enter the name of the town.