Wrong boundingbox coordinates for some cities?

I played around with the nominatim API to geocode some addresses. I take the boundingbox coordinates the API gives me and use google maps to set the bounds. So that if I enter “London” the map gets centered to London. This works for most cities but there are some exceptions like Berlin. It will not center the map showing Berlin but a specific place in Berlin. If I look to the boundings I see that lat1/lat2 and lng1/lng2 are nearly the same:



"display_name":"Berlin, Deutschland, Europ\u00e4ische Union","class":"place","type":"city"

So is there a better way to achieve what I like to do or are the bounding box coordinates just wrong. If yes how can I help correcting them?

please tell us your api-call and the results.

Bad boy :wink:


I use the following API call:


And always use the first result of the response (highest importance).

For Berlin is this the admin_centre in the boundary-relation. London and other cities doesn’t have admin_centres set.


Okay… so is there any possbility to get a boundingbox which let me display the whole city as large as possible on the map?

In a first step I would ignore entries with



Wow that did the trick! Googled for osm_type description but I haven’t found clear information what’s this exactly… may you explain what this attribute is used for?


for boundaries you should also take a look at: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Relation:boundary