Wrong border with Jordan along the river

Part of the Jordanian border north of the dead sea is missing and the rest of it, up to Tirat Tzvi is wrong.
It should run along the Jordan river path, as it does in official Israeli government maps.
Anyone knows of an easy way to use the (pretty accurate) rover course as the border, several administrative relations are involved.

Indeed according to Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty Annex I, along the Jordan and Yarmouk Rivers

There is also the option to map the border by adding the appropriate sections of the river to the appropriate boundary relations rather than keeping separate border way(s).

Since there are lines defining the special Naharayim/Baqura area separately. I suggest they will not be modified in any way.

This is on top of the river course not properly traced.

With multiple tags and relations it is very laborious to map. Does anyone know a shortcut to transfer all of these from the border to the river? Maybe in JOSM, I rarely use it.

I corrected it to the best of my ability

Thank you!